Special for Premature ejaculation, Sexual dysfunction  -  Guaranteed our Herbal Products are free from side effects.
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Women's Care

For Acne, Pimples, Wrinkles, Complexion, Dandruff, Leucorrhoea, Obesity, Diabetes, Digestive problems, Joints, Muscular pain and other complaints:
Use our Natural Products.

Hair Care :
Our Herbal Hair Oil protect hair falling and strengthen its roots to nourish a healthy growth. We have combined Natural Herbs to make this wonderfull oil a gift from Nature.

Children's Care

Use Our Herbal Syrup:
Especially developed to improve children's appetite and strengthen weight gain in Natural growth process.

Men's Care

Special for Premature ejaculation, Sexual dysfunction, Piles, Skin Problems (Eczema, Psoriasis, Allergies).
Guaranteed our Herbal Products are free from side effects.

The most desired and highly popular product among Eastern and Western Women.

  • The mask is prepared from herbs, which glows the face and protects from environmental adverse effects on the facial skin.

  • Using this mask before attending any party/gathering will give your face a soft Fresh Look.

  • Applying this mask before your routine makeup, will protect from perspiration and hold the makeup for a longer duration with ultimate freshness.

  • Using this mask will eliminate shades around your eyes, spots on the face and protect from sunrays.

  • It is equally good in all seasons for men and women :

HERBAL FACIAL : To Uplift face and Free Skin From Spots. Making it Flower smooth.

SWEDISH MASSAGE and MAGNETIC PRODUCTS for Pain Management are rejuvenating and refreshing in relieving Body Pain, Back Pain, Headache, Insomnia, Anxiety, Tension.

     Contact: Hakeem Mohammad Hussain 
     Graduate of the American Herbal School

164-30 Hillside Ave,. Suite 1-B, Jamaica, NY 11432
Tel: 718-739-1690  -  Cell: 718-581-3898  -  E-mail: tajaf51@verizon.net

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